If You "Don't Like Beer", You're Just Not Trying

The beer revolution in the United States is real, and it is beautiful. Naysayers can chalk it up to a fad. Traditionalists can scoff as they sip on their can of watered-down mash. Both, ultimately, are simply depriving themselves of what has become a ferocious revival of beer in America. Americans have long been mocked for their beer preferences, lacking in both substance and variety. So what did they do? In the truest of American fashion, they took the best styles of beer from the rest of the world and made them better. All I can say is, "Better Late Than Never".

Wine and Food Pairing: It Really Doesn't Need to Be That Complicated (Here's How You Fix That)

So you want to understand how to pick the right wine to drink with dinner? Well, if you've been searching around for a simple solution to that question, you've probably come across a whole bunch of information that probably confuses the matter even more.

There are tons and tons of books on the market that are several inches think, and filled with hundreds of detailed instructive rules about exactly what to drink with everything from soup to nuts - literally!

Wine Is Good For You - Official

PICTURE the scene.

You're visiting your doctor for a routine check-up.

This isn't something I'd recommend, incidentally. I believe you should make an appointment only if you feel something's actually wrong with you.

Anyway, you've reached the point where they ask you if you smoke (let's hope the answer to that one is no).

Invariably, the next question has to do with your drinking habits.

5 Step Formula To Increase Your Productivity

Time is Money: The Goal of Our 5 Step Formula

How many hours are you spending a day to build your business? Are you counting them? So, what's the result? Whatever the result is, sure there is a way to get a better one!! Why am I saying it? Well the answer is pretty easy: Because there is ALWAYS a way do do things better!! Don't you think?


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